We love seeing all the cool and interesting ways people mash up our data. So to help people shorten their development cycles we've created an API.

Go. Play. Innovate. Mash up. Make transit better!

Station/Stop API

Any web URL for a stop or station can also be requested as JSON or XML, depending on the extension:



See below for a commented example of the JSON output for Spadina Station.

PROTIP: We also watch for the HTTP "Accept" header, so ajax library functions like jQuery's $.getJSON() don't require an extension; we'll return JSON automatically. Same goes for XML.

Undocumented APIs

We have several APIs which we haven't documented, but they may change unexpectedly. There is a chance we might give you head up on the google group, but currently they are experimental.

Take look at:,-79.3850234.json

API key

We find API keys to be such a nuisance, don't you? That's why we've opted not to use them! That said, please be respectful and try not to hammer our servers. If you have an app that requires heaps of data all the time, please consider downloading the entire dataset from our Google Group.

MyTTC developer Google Group

You can find a full dump of our data in either raw SQL or GTFS format from here:

Don't be a stranger

We'd love to hear about your project! Drop us a line using the feedback box and we'll add you to the third party apps section :-)

JSON Example (commented)