Welcome to MyTTC.ca

MyTTC was born out of a desire for free, open access to transit data. When we started, the amount and quality of the data available from the TTC was somewhat lacking. However, The TTC has since released schedules and real time data which make other applications like MyTTC easier to build.

We are not the TTC, nor are we affiliated with them. This is an independent effort because we love the TTC and just want to create a better experience for everyone. From counting every stair at every subway station, to placing ten thousand bus stops and over three million stop times, MyTTC is a product of passion by a small, dedicated and potentially obsessed team.

Community Headlines

Carpool Week, February 4 to 10

Want to save time and money? Split the cost of driving by carpooling. Carpool Week, February 4 to 10, is an annual campaign ...

via Transit Toronto  //  February 4

Construction at Weston GO Station affects motorists, starting February 4

Starting Monday, February 4, GO Transit contractors start a project to improve Weston GO Station. The work mostly affects ...

via Transit Toronto  //  February 4

Update: Newmarket GO Bus Terminal construction

GO Transit started a project to repair the fencing along the south side of Newmarket GO Bus Terminal and concrete paving within ...

via Transit Toronto  //  February 4

Step Right Up for the Miracle Cure! (Updated)

For those readers here who do not follow the Torontoist website, I have an article there commenting on the City of ...

via Steve Munro's Web Site  //  February 3

Video: Breakthrough near Downsview Station!

At dawn, Friday, December 7, the tunnel-boring machine (TBM) “Holey” broke through the “extraction ...

via Transit Toronto  //  February 3

Video: OpenBVE TTC academy multiplayer run

Note: Not knowing too much about this field, we present this information (mostly) unedited as we received it from the ...

via Transit Toronto  //  February 3

GO relocates bus stops on Steeles Avenue in Brampton

GO Transit is revising the locations of its bus stops on Steeles Avenue East in Brampton to co-ordinate service with Brampton ...

via Transit Toronto  //  February 3