Union Station

Union Station is a station on the Yonge-University-Spadina line of the Toronto, Ontario, Canada subway. It is placed at the bottom of the "loop" formed by that line, between the Yonge and University sections, at its southernmost point, and is located at 55 Front Street West between Bay Street and York Street, below Front Street and immediately north of Union Station railway station. The station opened as the southern terminus of the original Yonge subway line on March 30, 1954, for the University section of the Yonge-University-Spadina line on February 28, 1963, and on June 22, 1990 for the former Harbourfront LRT. This station serves approximately 72,240 people a day.

Union connects the subway with GO Transit trains and buses, VIA Rail, Ontario Northland, and Amtrak. Nearby landmarks include Union Station, the Royal York Hotel, the Air Canada Centre, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the CN Tower, the Royal Bank Plaza, BCE Place, and the Hockey Hall of Fame.

An underground streetcar loop was added to the station in 1990, and is now served by the 509 Harbourfront and 510 Spadina routes.

Union's status as a transport hub has resulted in overcrowding on its narrow centre platform. A plan is in place to add a new platform for Yonge-bound trains, outside the tracks; the current platform will then only need to serve University-bound trains. Construction on that expansion is set to begin in 2006, which will also see the entire upper mezzanine become a fare-paid area.

Leaving the station eastbound, the Yonge leg of the line runs briefly under Front Street and turns 90 degrees north to run under Yonge Street; leaving westbound, the University leg also runs under Front Street, and eventually turns 90 degrees north to run under University Avenue.

The station is also noted as being one of only two stations on the TTC where a signal light is publicly accessible. The signal is located on the east end of the platform. It is an Interlocking Signal that guards the crossover to the northbound Yonge Line and is only used during service disruptions that require trains be turned at Union.

A Presto card reader can be seen at Union station. It is the only one on the entire transit system so far.


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Transit City proposal

The Transit City proposal calls for a new LRT line known as the Waterfront West LRT line, extending the 509 Harbourfront streetcar route from the Exhibition Loop to Long Branch GO Station.BY THE TTC

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